An Important Note About PrintersT

The Church Programs will function with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP operating systems, but they run in DOS Mode.  

Printing from within these programs requires a printer that will print in DOS Mode or has installed software that will convert the data to print properly.

These programs WILL NOT function with the new VISTA operating system.   

The following software is made available as a ministry of John and Lee Ware of First Baptist Church, Grandview, MO. John spent years in developing and refining the programs, and over 2000 churches worldwide have downloaded this software.

The three programs in the set contain over 600 individual sub-routines totaling more than 100,000 lines of code. They are written in CLIPPER53 language and compiled with the CLIPPER53 compiler. The programs have been constructed over more than ten years with many Southern Baptist churches providing input to the design. All copyrights are reserved by John and Lee Ware.

All three applications are DOS based and come in self-extracting files. Simply download the file(s) to whatever directory you choose. After extracting the files, run the batch file (.bat extension) that installs the program. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to install the software. Documentation is built into each package and may be printed after the program is installed.

Questions may be e-mailed to Loren Hutchinson at

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All three programs
CHDB Membership Database
CONCORD Contributions Tracker
OUTREACH Prospect File
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CHDBCOM.EXE (CHDB Church Database)

Updated 1/22/2008  2008 program now available

Click here for instructions on how to use CHDB mail-merge files with MS-Word.

We've created a Word Perfect macro that will automate the task of importing CHDB mail-merge files for use as WP data files. Download the macro to the "Macros" directory of Word Perfect.

CHDB is a complete church membership database program. It provides the user with complete flexibility in naming and defining Sunday School Class codes, mail codes, and over 60 other ministry and committee codes.

It has a handshake relationship with CONCORD (the separate contributions software shown on this page as concom.exe) to eliminate having to re-enter names and addresses. The program will generate many preset reports and mail-merge data files in an ASCII delimited text format.

Click here to see a screen capture of the main data entry screen.

Download CHDBCOM.EXE here. (1.5Mb)

CONCOM.EXE (CONCORD Member Contributions)

Updated 1/22/2008  2008 program now available

CONCORD (CONtributions reCORD) is a program that allows you to enter member contributions each week and generate quarterly, semi-annual, and annual statements. It is a stand alone program, but has a handshake relationship with CHDB (see above) that allows it to automatically retreive names and addresses from the CHDB database.

The program is written so that you may name and define your own budget codes and line item codes to allow for tracking designated offerings.

Click here to see a screen capture of the data entry screen.

Download CONCOM.EXE here. (1.1Mb)


Updated 1/22/2008  2008 program now available

OUTREACH is a computerized prospect file. It has built-in visitation forms that the user may print out and return after making a visit. Information on the prospect's family may be entered as well as the results of the last four visits. When a prospect joins the church, his/her information can be automatically transferred to CHDB (see above).

Click here to see a screen shot of the data entry screen.

Download OUTCOM.EXE here. (1.1Mb)

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